12. ročník
26. - 27. 7. 2024

Propositions of race

Main facts about the race

  Place of Start & Finish: All tracks: Spišská Nová Ves, Športová Hala, Za Hornádom 898/15 (48.937894, 20.564220)

20.7.2023 (Thursday) od 19.00 do 20.30 hod (333 a 222)
21.7.2023 (Friday) od 6:45 do 7:45 hod. (333 a 222)
21.7.2023 (Friday) od 17:00 do 20:00 hod (111 a 66)
22.7.2023 (Saturday) od 7:00 do 7:45 hod. (111 a 66)
22.7.2023 (Saturday) od 12:45 do 13.45 hod.(family)


333 km - men from 18 to 39 years, men 40 and more, women 18 and more
222 km - men from 18 to 39 years, men 40 and more, women from 18 to 39 inclusive, women 40 and over
111 km - men from 18 to 39 years, men 40 and more, women from 18 to 39 inclusive, women 40 and over
66 km, 66 km e-bike without age restrictions
Family track - condition - at least one child under 10 years
In all categories, the consent of a legal representative is required for participants under the age of 18.

  Start: 333 km a 222 km: Friday 21. 7. 2023 o 8:00 hod.
111 km: Saturday 22. 7. 2023 o 8:00 hod.
66 km, 66 km e-bike: Saturday 22. 7. 2023 o 9:00 hod.
16 km - family track: Saturday 22. 7. 2023 o 14:00 hod.
  Evaluation: 22 July 2023 (Saturday) o 17.00pm (Sport hall)
  Time limit of the race: 33 hours
  Categories: Men, Women, Men - e-bike, Women - e-bike, family track

Important informations for bikers


The amount of the premium for one day and one person for € 3.77 which is part of the entry fee is included
-the cost of intervention by the mountain service, and the package which consists of additional insurance:
- Liability insurance EUR 33,193.92
-TNÚ - Permanent consequences of the accident EUR 6,638.78
-SÚ - Death as a result of an accident EUR 3,319.39
- Baggage insurance EUR 663.88
Competitors on the 333km track are insured for two race days.

Results and raffle

The results will be interpreted and raffle prizes will be drawn on Saturday July 25, 2020 at 5.00pm in front of the Sports Hall in Spišská Nová Ves.


This race is without any outside support! Due to the limited possibilities of marking routes in the Slovak Paradise National Park, we recall the need to download and use GPS navigation (this year's competitors provided maps without pre-drawn lines). All participants compete in the race at their own risk! At the time of presentation each of the participants will sign the statement that competing in the race is at their own risk. For participants under 18 years of age at the time of the race the organizer requires notarized written consent of a parent and a certification of health. Each of the participants registered electronically until 9th of July 2023 will receive a souvenir: a t-shirt with the logo of the event. The race includes the raffle prizes drawing.
Mandatory equipment:Cycling helmet. GPS device or camera. Cell phone.
Recommended equipment: Equipment necessary for survival in nature (matches, knife, aluminium foil thermal blanket). Basic first aid kit. Spare batteries. Headlamp. Raincoat and spare clothing. Insect repellent. After previous years‘ experiences, the organizers recommend a powerful light and to use a GPS device or cell phone with a proper GPS application for navigation, this will prevent unnecessary delays mainly at night.
Mode of riding, rest and sleep: decide how long you will ride, when and how long you will rest. The race is nonstop, the organizer does not provide any place for a refreshment or rest. It is up to each participant whether they will book accommodation or if they will camp on the track.
Classification: Race has no interruptions and the order is determined according to the time at the finish line of the race. The time limit for completing the route is 33 hours.After limit, the results will be interpreted and raffle prizes will be drawn. Additionally, all participants who will reach the finish line after this limit will be added to the Race Results Sheet. On 22th of July 2023, the finish line will be open until 6.00pm.



You can sign up since 10st May 2023 for the race online at: http://www.333extreme.sk/prihlaska/. by filling in the application form. Do not forget to include the type of track. Deadline for application via Internet and for paying
- 30 EUR for 333, 222
- 25 EUR for 111, 66, 66 e-bike category
entry fee is 9th of July 2023.
You can register for the event electronically after that date or in person at the time of presentation, however, with 35 EUR for every category entry fee and without souvenir. After receiving the application, in two working days‘ time you will be sent an e-mail with the Variable Symbol to pay the entry fee!The application shall be considered binding only after the payment of the entry fee to the bank account:

Routes of "Spišských 333 EXTREME"


Long route

Distance: 333 km
Elevation: cca. 5 422 m
Povrch: Asfalt cca 60%,
forest route cca 40%

Short route

Distance: 222 km
Elevation: cca. 3 352 m
Distance: 111 km
Elevation: cca. 2 307 m
Distance: 66 km and 66 km (e-bike)
Elevation: cca. 1 596 m
Vzdialenosť: 16 km (family)
Prevýšenie: cca. 184 m
Asfalt cca 30%,
spevnené lesné cesty cca 70%

The organizer reserves the right to modify routes.
Official GPS route will be available two weeks before start of the race.

Route profile 333km

Route profile 222km

Route profile 111km

Route profile 66km